I spent the last four days in vacation in Jeju with Otfried and his clan. The island is amazingly beautiful, and I had a huge amount of fun.

I am currently sitting in an internet care in Seoul. Tomorrow morning I am flying to SF (via Hong Kong – go figure). I was in Korea for almost 3 months, and I had a blast of a time. I would definitely come back here again. I realized that I spent 8 months of my sabbatical in countries that consider 5% yearly growth in the economy to be slow. It would be interesting to return to Old America, with its insane politics, dellusanary self importance, and (at most) 3% of growth every year.

I am going to be in SF for 10 days now…

The sabbatical is almost over. I made serious progress on my class notes, but I would probably have to work on it for another year before it would be ready. Overall, it went reasonably close to THE PLAN. Now its time to start a new plan… Suggestions are welcome…

(And sorry for typos and so on – all being done in an internet cafe with limited time.)

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