Flying to the Bay Area

So, after flying to Hong Kong (via Taipei), and then to SFO (12 hours flight), I made it to the bay area.

You know the sinking feeling when you get the US immigration documents you have to fill and realizing you have no pen, while you are sitting in the most inconvenient place to get to your backpack. Well, this time, interestingly, there was a pen stuck in the back of the encasement of the small LCD screen in the seat in front of me. After 10 minutes of struggling, I got it out and used it to fill the forms.

But the main attraction of the flight were the movies. Here is the summary of the movie “The letters of Iwo Jima”:

The movie starts with a bunch of Japanese speaking Aramaic preparing to defend the island of Iwo from the invasion of the white barbarians (called Jima). In the background one can see Jesus dancing Polka on the cross. The manipulative mother of the Japanese soldiers is trying (in the same time) to get their older daughter to marry anybody that is not named Johnny. In a parallel thread, a messenger drive around on a motorcycle made out of fire (he must be getting a horrible millage on this thing) trying to explain to anybody that would listen that he is not Johnny. If the story was not hard enough to follow as it is, in another thread, Simba (you remember Simba, right?) has a Hamletian moment when a cloud tells him not to forget him. Anyway, with Simba on their right flank and not Johnny on the left, the Japanese successfully defend Iwo from the invasion of the devilish white barbarians. The movie ends on a happy note with a spectacular show of fireworks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Overall, it was a typical Hollywood movie with a happy ending but not much sense. But what would you expect…

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