“I do not understand why the British government needs until October to decide whether to send the divorce letter to Brussels,” Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, told German television.


  1. I expect some of the bureaucrats there are sweating. There’s a lot of propaganda on this topic that brands Brexit “wrong” “fascist” “nationalist” etc., which is typical to bad arguments. The EU as it is today infringes on the basic democratic liberties of the Europeans by creating a bureaucratic monster that Kafka would be proud of and nobody votes for. The whole thing has to be torn down to the ground before any form of reasonable united Europe can emerge. And you as someone that intends to live there for the rest of your life should take this into account.

  2. And maybe it’s a good time to hear the other side of the story. The side of the majority. The sound one almost never hears about this.