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Sariel Har-Peled - About Myself

Ok. I always find it ridiculous when I have to describe myself. So this is going to be lame. Don't read this unless you are really bored. If you are reading this sentence, it means that you already read too much, as indeed, what follows is just a bunch of lies. Surely, you can find something better and more interesting to do (like reading the IRS tax regulations or one of my papers).

I was born in 1971 in Israel (see CV). I got my first computer (Apple IIe) at age 13, and became a complete geek immediately. Thus, condemned to a life of incomprehensible toil as a programmer. Fortunately, at age 24 after finishing my M.Sc, I decided that beating keyboards was not my fate, and faithless and jobless (I quit my job as a programmer), I had opted for a life of idleness and laziness as provided by doing a PhD. Unfortunately, and disastrously, I had graduated and now enjoy the improved lifestyle of idleness and laziness of a faculty member in a university.

I was born with a pathetically bad eyesight. In particular, I avoided serving in the Israeli army (for three years!) because I am legally blind (at least in Israel), which is slightly better off than being legally blond, I guess. I am into reading SF, seeing movies, and stealing the souls of people. I have a weird sense of "humor". I am also into selling bridges - if you send me enough money, I would sell you one.

Concerning the situation in Israel (and in the universe at large), I am an optimist, I believe that today is going to be much better than tomorrow. Indeed, I am waiting impatiently for tomorrow, when I could speak, with nostalgia, about good old yesterday, when everything was possible, and people were real people, and not the fake cheap plastic we have today.

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