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Past quals

Interesting Stuff

  1. 6/6/04 - Ran Adler and spadesoft
  2. 5/10/04 - Hebrew wikipedia, with the International lyrics in hebrew.
  3. 4/20/04 - Common errors in english
  4. 3/20/04 - Since there are so many sightings of rats in SC, it is clear we need the Pied Piper to pay us a visit.
  5. 2/5/04 - a nice model construction game called SuperMag or GeoMag. See here.
  6. 2/4/03 - On teaching philosophy.
  7. 1/14/03 - Kosher Google
  8. 12/11/02 - The office of information awareness.
  9. 11/06/02 - Hamlet - full text.
  10. 10/17/02 - What they are doing to the boneyard.
  11. 8/28/02 - some shortcuts and what they mean.
  12. 8/17/02 - Here is what Mark Twain had to say about Jane Austen. A bit of a male chauvinist pig, wouldn't you say? This page has in fact a lot of interesting stuff about Jane Austen.
  13. 8/10/02 - Doc Whiz and How to Flunk Out of College.
  14. 8/10/02 - FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON, Daniel Keyes.
  15. 8/8/02 - On justine in the US: Tulia, Texas.
  16. On Electronic Freedom Music industry - P2P, Napster, etc
    Janis Ian - interesting prespectives from artists about the economics of the recording music. It is quite interesting (in short - artists make considerably less money than you think, the industry get most of it.). In the same vane, but more ranting.

Useful stuff

  1. Writing pads: here - Canary, 5x5 squrares/inch, rigit backboard, perforated, quadrille.


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