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The following is a list of program I wrote (or participated in writing).
  1. k_center - creating animation from an image.
  2. frechet - generate Frechet free space diagram.
  3. jflap2latex - convert a jflap figure into gastex figure.
  4. cdp
    Text based cd player for linux. I wrote it a long time ago, and I no longer maintain it. Currently available with several linux distributions.
  5. diameter/MVBB
    A fast program for computing the diameter of a point-set in 3d. This also contains code for approximating the minimum volume bounding box of a point-set in 3d.
  6. Constructing planar cuttings
  7. Taking a walk in a planar arrangement
  8. approximate shortest-path on polytope
    Most of the work on this program was done by Meetesh Karia
  9. picxbook - Generates html pages to manage a collection of pictures.
  10. bookmng - Converts netscape bookmarks into hierarchical html files.
  11. avoronoi - Construct an approximate voronoi diagram in the plane
  12. flatex / cmd_rm_pckgs - flatten latex file into a single file & remove unsused commands.

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