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Insert user defined packages into a latex file (by using the environment variable TEXINPUTS) and remove unused commands from the latex file. Thus creating a compact file tat can be easily shared. This program is part of the flatex program.

What is flatex?

Flatex is a program that make it easier to share latex file with other users. It was written long long time ago in a place far far away (1994 and Tel-Aviv University, respectively) in time where email attachments were not really there yet.
Flatten a latex file into a single file, by explicitly including the files included by \include and \input commands. Also, if bibtex is being used, then includes the .bbl file into the resulting file. Thus, creating a stand alone latex file that can be emailed to someone else.

It have three main usages:

This program is similar to texexpand.


Source - Unzip & compile it by using make.
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