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Computational Geometry


  1. SODA 14.
  2. SWAT 14.
  3. SoCG 13.
  4. Approx 2012.
  5. MASSIVE 2011.
  6. FSTTCS 2011.
  7. MASSIVE 2010.
  8. SoCG 08
  9. SODA 08
  10. ICALP 07 - Track A.
  11. FSTTCS 2005
  12. FOCS 2005
  13. SoCG Video & Multimedia 05
  14. STOC 2005
  15. SoCG 2001


I am part of the algorithms group in CS UIUC. My main field of research is Computational Geometry. However, as I belive in the interconnectedness of all things, and I am interested also in other things like clustering and learning.

To see what I am interested in have a look in my papers page.

Generally speaking, I am interested in approximation algorithms. Those algorithms output a result which is close to, but not necessarily, optimal. This flexibility buy you a lot in simplicity and efficiency. In a somewhat more philosophical (and bla bla) level, the question is what is the crucial information you need to solve a problem? And how do you find this crucial information?

  1. papers
  2. talks
  3. geometry.bib and shortcuts.bib.
  4. LaTeX style files.

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