Workshop in Computational Geometry - Description
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Workshop in Computational Geometry - Description

Spring 97/8

The workshop will involve working with Java and implementing applets. The target is to implement animations of simple algorithms in computational geometry such that one could understand intuitively how those algorithm work. Java will be taught during the semester, no previous knowledge in CG or Java is required. 

The work on the project will be done in groups with one or less students (i.e. singletons). If a group of students will insist to work together they will get a proportionally larger project with an additional large penalty for the size of the group.

To see some demos, how such applets look like: demos.


After the semester the student will have to submit an applet (i.e. a project) demonstrating one computational geometry algorithm.

Information about Computational Geometry

Book: Computational Geometry:Algorithms and Applications
M. de Berg M. van Kreveld M. Overmars O. Schwarzkopf.

Computational Geometry Pages


A description of ideas that might serve as a basis for a project

Submission Date:15/9/98

Java Resources on the Net

Java links Here you can find links to applets deomnstrating algorithms in computational goemetry. Usage of source from those examples is encouraged... When possible.

Applet demo

The following is an example of an applet for computing convex hull. It is taken from here. - Source code for the applet.

Have a look in the source of this html page to see how one can activate the applet from inside an html page.

30 points randomly positioned on the plane. Click on "Run" to start the demo.

*** SORRY! You need a java-enabled browser to run this applet. Otherwise, you'll only see this text. ***

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