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How to use the Applet:

1. First of all you have to insert points (they will represent cities / graph's nodes) and then press stop button.
2. Now you can chose algorithm you want applet to implement.
3. In x2 and x1.5 Algorithms you can see the output tour immediatly or see how it progresses step by step.
After output tour was shown you can apply improvements on it:
-by clicking on "remove intersections" button or
-by running iterative improvements.
You can also compare tours of x2 and x1.5 Algorithms by clicking on "Both Algorithms" button.

# In Iterative Algorithm you can choose number of iterations that would be applied on initial solution or choose exhaustive to run algorithm until no more iterations improve the tour.
4. After at list one tour has been computed and shown - you can click "Best Solution" to see best outputted tour among already shown tours.