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Geombib - Computational Geometry

For info about geombib, see here.


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My version

I wrote a small program to make the geometry bib database more uniform (fix author names, conferences names, etc) and more convenient to use (at least in my humble opinion). First names are truncated - this is the way I like it. People with different preference should use the program below to generate their own version. Thus, an entry in bib file looks like:
, author =      "K. L. Clarkson and P. W. Shor"
, title =       "Algorithms for diametral pairs and convex hulls that
                are  optimal, randomized, and incremental"
, booktitle =   SOCG_1988
, year =        1988
, pages =       "12--17"
Isn't this just slightly more readable than the regular version?
  1. geom.bib - my version of geombib. Based on the geom.bib from 08/08/01.
  2. shortcuts.bib - shortcuts used in geombib.

    To use those files, you need the following in your latex file:

  3. The program used to generated the fixed version is a simple text-replacement program: sreplacer.C.

    The input used was this file: fix_cg_bib.

    The program was used with:

    ./sreplacer fix_cg_bib < geom.bib.orig > geom.bib


Biblook is a program for quickly searching through bibtex files. It was written by Jeff Erickson. Go here to get the latest version. This version is in the public domain.

A different version of biblook that include readline is this. This version is under the GPL.

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