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Occlusion Culling for Fast Walkthrough in Urban Areas

Y. Wang, P. K. Agarwal, and S. Har-Peled

This paper describes a fast algorithm, based on occlusion culling, for rendering complex urban environments. Occlusion culling has been widely used to achieve interactive frame rates for rendering very large data sets. We extend previous work on occlusion culling by taking full advantage of the visibility information, temporal coherence, and graphics hardware. We describe a simple and efficient algorithm, which exploits image-space approach and temporal coherence to mark a large subset of invisible objects. Occlusion is calculated dynamically and does not rely on any preprocessing of visibility information or on a prior selection of occluders. As a result, it can handle dynamic updates in the scene at a little cost. The approach also provides a good framework for dealing with occlusion culling and can be combined with many other current occlusion-culling approaches to achieve better performance at a slight overhead in the computation time.

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