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Projective Clustering in High Dimensions using Core-Sets

Sariel Har-Peled and Kasturi R. Varadarajan

In this paper, we show that there exists a small core-set for the problem of computing the ``smallest'' radius k-flat for a given point-set in Rd. The size of the core-set is dimension independent. Such small core-sets yield immediate efficient algorithms for finding the (1+µ)-approximate smallest radius k-flat for the points in d nO(k/µ^5 log(1/µ)) time. Furthermore, we can use it to (1+µ)-approximate the the smallest radius k-flat for a prespecified fraction of the given points, in the same running time. Our algorithm can also be used for computing the min-max such coverage of the point-set by j flats, each one of them of dimension k.

No previous efficient approximation algorithms were known for those problems in high-dimensions, when k>1 or j>1.

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