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Few cuts meet many point sets $\renewcommand{\Re}{{\rm I\!\hspace{-0.025em} R}} \newcommand{\SetX}{\mathsf{X}} \newcommand{\rad}{r} \newcommand{\query}{q} \newcommand{\eps}{\varepsilon} \newcommand{\VorX}[1]{\mathcal{V} \pth{#1}} \newcommand{\Polygon}{\mathsf{P}} \newcommand{\IntRange}[1]{[ #1 ]} \newcommand{\Space}{\overline{\mathsf{m}}} \newcommand{\pth}[2][\!]{#1\left({#2}\right)}$

Sariel Har-Peled, and Mitchell Jones.
We study the problem of how to breakup many point sets in $\Re^d$ into smaller parts using a few splitting (shared) hyperplanes. This problem is related to the classical Ham-Sandwich Theorem. We provide a logarithmic approximation to the optimal solution using the greedy algorithm for submodular optimization.
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