CS573 - Graduate Algorithms - Fall 2012

Course Policy


Students are assumed to have working knowledge of the material taught in CS 225 and CS 373. This is not the same as merely having passed; hence Homework Zero. If you are an under- graduate and you have not taken these courses, you need Sariel's permission to enroll.

Course Work

Grades will be based on 6-10 homeworks (15%) (dropping the lowest), one in-class midterm (30%), and a final exam (50%), there might be quizzes (5%), otherwise their weight would be assigned to the homeworks. All major grades (i.e., midterm, final, and homeworks overall grade) in the course would be normalized to the scale between 0..100. Extra credit would be given for pointing out errors in the class notes and similar stuff.


Academic Honesty:

Cheating of any form or magnitude would be handled with the utmost severity and might result in an 'F' grade in the course, or a zero grade in the homework or exam involved. Drop the class before you cheat - do not cheat!
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